Hidea Oil & Gas services consist of 2 parts:


1. IOR/EOR Services

Tracer Diagnostic: is a chemical tracer provider that provides quantitative flow measurements by combining rigorous tracer performance testing, automated injection quality control systems, and a high-performance analytical chemistry lab. The resulting tracer data allows for advanced interpretation of tracer signatures.  Notable recent projects have included: Large IOR/EOR Projects, completions optimization projects including A/B testing of completion/fracture designs, multi-well formation allocation, fracture interference analysis, and advanced fracture performance evaluation.

The Chemical EOR Technology: Our strengths and technical EOR skills in direct application of advanced EOR Technologies and Project Management allow us to deliver complete EOR solutions to client’ complex reservoir

IOR/EOR Services:

  • Tracer Project Design and Volume Calculation
  • Tracer Injection
  • Well Sampling
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Data Interpretation (Injection Allocation, Swept Pore Volume, F-ϕ Analysis)

Tracer Diagnostics for Hydraulic Fracture Services:

Oil tracers, formation water tracers, gas tracers, frac-fluid tracers, and radioactive tracers (propant):

  • Diagnosing frac hits

Combine oil-soluble and water-soluble tracers to locate the source of interwell communication and to determine whether frac hits are propped communication, hydraulic communication, or only pressure.

  • Verifying stage contributions

Use oil-soluble, gas-soluble, and water-soluble tracers to verify which stages are contributing to production.

  • Calculating cluster efficiency

Radioactive tracers placed with the proppant are logged with gamma tools to show exactly which clusters accepted proppant.

  • Locating a wellbore obstruction

Stage-specific tracers quickly reveal which stages are below and which are above a wellbore blockage.

  • Monitoring waterflood efficiency

Use water-soluble or gas-soluble tracers to define field connectivity by mapping the movement of injected water or gas to production wells.

Logging Tools for RA Tracer:

  • Special tools for looking RA Tracer (Sc46, Ir192, Sb124)

Innovations / Specialties:

  • Advanced Tracer Screening
  • Tracer Injection Monitoring
  • High-Performance Analytical Lab (lowest detection limit)


2. Chemical Services

Hidea Chemical Services provides customised solutions for your Oil & Gas operations. Our product lines in oilfield production chemicals covers Enhanced Oil Recovery, Onshore, Offshore, Heavy Oil, and many more. Products such as demulsifier, scavenger, paraffin solution, scale control, flocullant, etc.

Hidea chemical also extend to the other industries such as mining, refinery, water, waste management and other industries. Our products covers emulsifier, ore applications (iron ore, nickel ore, copper, etc.), corrosion control, demulsifier and many more.