1. Container Surveys – condition and cleanliness for on/off-hire as per IICL5 rules.
  2. Sea Containers – CSC condition survey with IICL-certified inspectors.
  3. Container Cleanliness and Condition Survey – for general suitability to load bulk agricultural or food products. originally created and drafted the inspection criteria and guidelines covering containers for bulk Malt, and these criteria and guidelines have been widely recognized and adopted as the standard in the industry.
  4. Container Cargo Surveys – working with shippers, consignees, insurers and shipping lines to provide a comprehensive range of cargo surveys and inspections. We specialise in providing on-site representation for most major container lines and for a number of major railways. These services include damage cargo surveys, pre-shipment inspections, advice in loss control techniques, and container inspections. We can also assist in mitigating damage loss, arranging salvage sales, and in the disposal of damaged goods.
  5. Container Inspections – as well as surveys of damaged containerised cargo, we provide stowage, securing, tallying and stuffing inspections of containerised cargo as well as container condition and damage inspections in accordance with owners’ requirements and international standards.
  6. IMDG Surveys – we provide surveys for compliance, packaging, stowage and marking/labelling for the shipment of dangerous goods, including radioactive materials.