Corporate Overview

PT. Hidea Inti Daya is a subsidiary of PT Blue Power International (BPI) is a private Indonesian / German global Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) company which is established in 2009. BPI has an international success not ably in hydropower projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

As for PT. Hidea Inti Daya began its operation as a contracting firm in the mechanical and electrical sector. Since its inception, the company has expanded its service portfolio to include Instrumentation, fabrication and Automation services. We are an independent engineering and project management consultancy leading the way in sustainable development and innovation. Innovation in terms of customized (taylor-made) adjusted and re-engineering aimed to help organizations fundamentally rethink how our customer systems do their work in order to improve their final products, cut operational costs and simplified their business process.

PT Hidea Inti Daya recently is also developing a subsidiary company in wastewater treatment PT DND Indonesia. This development is due to the capabilities our “Production chemistry” expertise is very helpfull in solving our previous engineering customer, it is conclude that we are also able to help the customer in their waste water treatment problem. The DND is stand for Discover & Develop different solution to the problem arise, because we are aware that each liquid waste have their own characteristic and each of it has different methode to solve the waste problem.

Workshop facility

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Our values are key to our existence as a company. The following five points, which create the acronym H I D E A, explain these values:


    Always being wide awake and alert keep an open mind to ideas that lead to the best solutions for our customer. We innovate and are eager to lead by inspiration.


    Integrity is crucial for business success, therefore it is necessary to create integrated and systemic solutions for a long term interaction with a mutual respect for our customer, our staff and their environment.


    Dedication to drive, energize, engage and inspire others.


    Empower those around our environment, Help and encourage others to find their points of awesomeness


    We value creativity and innovation at every level. Accept change. Expect change. Create change.


Commissioning & erect of hydroelectric power project at South Africa, Ingula Pumped Storage 4x270MW
Fiber optic cable test over DMLZ EBB to Acis Sub at Freeport
Erect of generators at HEP Baghilar hydroelectric power project stage II, India
MV/LV switchgear maintenance & protective relay calibration at Pertamina-Talisman Jambi Merang
Hull essential LV/MV switchgear mechanical electrical testing and commissioning (Jangkrik Project, South Korea), Siemens Indonesia – Singapore.
Primary Injection Omicron CMC 356, STJO Saipem
Finger Print, RSUD Cengkareng
Automatic palletizing, HM Sampoerna Karawang Plant
Software store management SPP integrated to control system storage, HM Sampoerna Karawang Plant
Tube conveyor for Gamma Ray test , Sapta Servisindo (BSI Lab)


Sampoerna Print Packaging

RSUD Cengkareng

Philip Moris Indonesia


Sapta Servisindo

Almik indonesia


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