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Hidea established in 2015, stands for the three founders and at the same time High Idea meaning its services come from our own research and development, our own Idea and imagination that come to live that bring solution to your problems.

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Business Lines

Automation & Control

Automation and control systems play a vital role across different sectors. Hidea offers its clients advanced automation and control technologies

Inspection, Verification, Testing

Inspection: checking the condition and weight of traded goods at loading, discharge port or during trans-shipment, control quantity and quality and meet all relevant regulations…

Electrical Maintenance & Fiber Optic

Management information systems (MIS) in industrial business consist of an information technology and networking system…

Marine Survey

  • Draft Survey and/or Deadweight Survey
  • On/Off Hire – Vessel’s Condition and/or Bunker
  • Sealing of Hatches/Valves…

Container Survey

  • Container Surveys – condition and cleanliness for on/off-hire as per IICL5 rules.
  • Sea Containers – CSC condition survey with IICL-certified inspectors…

Project Management Systems

Laboratory management Information systems (LIMS), Controlling from quotation up until invoicing process, Storage Management Systems…

Cargo Survey

Commercial survey, inspection, sampling and testing services with supporting Certificates and other relevant documentation, including, but not limited to the following…



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Fabrication & Sheet Metal Production

Custom-designed products

Hospital Equipment